Fathi Architecture Group

The most experienced restaurant design team.

Designer of twenty Food courts and over five hundred Restaurants, Fast food & Cafés.

Canada Office: Richmond Hill, Ontorio, Canada

Iran Office: Chitgar Lake, Tehran, Iran

Wherever you are in the world, we design your food collection and restaurant for you remotely,

With a secure remote contract at the most famous freelance site in the world.

Forgive us if our language is not as good as yours, we just tried to write our text in your language "in addition to English", to respect you.

OUR SKILLS Specializing in the design of restaurants and food complexes: Interior & Exterior Design, Signboard & Facade Design, Furniture & Lighting Design, Industrial Kitchen Designing, Preparing MEP Drawings & BOQ, Autodesk 3ds Max, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, V-Ray, Visualization, AutoCAD layouts, All designs are with the latest international standards".

We are an architecture group specializing in design and constructing industrial kitchen and interior architecture of Food court, Restaurant, Fast food, Cafe & Bars.
The activities of Fathi Architecture Group include the following :
1. Advice for feasibility study of a restaurant.
2. Design and layout of industrial kitchen with the latest international standards (2D & 3D).
3. Interior & Exterior design and architectural space of the restaurant, and Furniture design.
4. Calculation and design of MEP plans (Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations of industrial kitchens and dining area).
5. Estimating project implementation costs and preparing BOQ “Bill of quantities with specifications”.
6. Preparation of materials and full implementation of the project "In some countries".
7. Consulting in purchasing machines and equipping industrial kitchens.
8. Inviting reputable food brands & Setting up and fully exploiting restaurants also Staff training for different menus "In some countries".

Fathi architects is based in Canada and Tehran, After successful designs for restaurant chain brands such as Superstar, KFC, Perprook, Albek, BBQ Chicken, Chiter Chicken, Murano and ect, 
On behalf of IKFC Company in Iran "Superstar", started its cooperation with Yam International Food Company, Kuwait Food Company and Americana Group, and today we are specialize in designing industrial kitchens and decorations with international standards for big brands such as:

KFC, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Chicken Tikka, Grand Café, Costa Café, Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme, Maestro, Baskin Robbins, Red Lobster, Fish Market, Longhorn Steak House, Fusion Asian Foods and Samadi ...

To design in Canada and Iran, you can come directly to our company offices and sign a contract. But to work with our collection in countries other than Canada and Iran, you can contact us remotely as a freelancer. To create a secure contract with us and guarantee the receipt of plans, drawings and 3D renders, and also secure payment, you can refer to the best freelance website in the world called upwork and contact our account.

On the Upwork website, we can find it in the Safe Contract section, "Securely create contract for non-Upwork projects", We contract through the website, and the Upwork website guarantees us to work with you, and guarantees you to pay us. Please first send us a message on WhatsApp to +989124406228

so that all the details of how to work safely, will be sent to you.




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Call Us:  From 8 am to 8 pm "Time Zone (UTC+03:30) Tehran Iran"

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The Fathi brothers have formed a specialized group headed by Prof.Afshin Fathi: 
*Member of the board, human and financial management of the company
* Office Manager of the United States and Canada,
Canada Contact Number:+14377743542

Engr.Arash Fathi Managing Director & Senior Civil Engineer:

CEO of the Fathi Architects, completing training courses in industrial kitchen design in the United Arab Emirates, "Americana Company" (Subsidiary of Yum Company) KFC, Hardee's, Pizza Hut, TGI-Fridays,…

Iran contact number: +989121712893

Shahin Fathi Director of Design Atelier & Senior Architect:

* Co-Founder at Fathi Architects

* Bachelor of arts BA,Architecture "Soore University of arts, Tehran, Iran".

* Associate of arts and sciences -AAS,Architecture "Islamic Azad University - Roudehen Branch, Iran".

Shahin Fathi is known as one of the architects who has designed and constructed the largest number of restaurants in the world.

Shahin Fathi on Instagram: @shahinfathi_

WhatsApp contact number for FREELANCE :  +989124406228