Designer of 20 Food courts and over 500 Restaurants, Fast food & Cafés

Specializing in designing and constructing industrial kitchen and interior design of food court, restaurant, fast food and coffee shop complexes, with experience in designing and manufacturing the best-selling and most reputable food brands in Iran and the world

Important points in the success of a restaurant and food court

A very important point in the success of a restaurant complex is working with people who have a real CV "PORTFOLIO" and are professional in their work

As you can see on the website of Fathi Architecture Group, all our projects, which are the most famous food projects in the country, have the address and details of the employer in a specific way

Unfortunately, many sites and many IDs on Instagram have been fake by non-experts, advertising and claiming to design, build or launch a variety of food projects such as restaurants, food courts, fast food and cafes

They have not provided any addresses and specifications of the project and the employer, and sometimes they have placed 3D images or photos taken from external sites or others projects on their site

Therefore, if you want to have a successful restaurant, be sure to visit some projects implemented by these companies and talk to the project employer

It should be noted that all images posted on  FATHI ARCHITECTS websites belong to this company and any copying of images and content without mentioning the name and link of the source will be prosecuted

Fathi Architects Group, with the experience of designing and constructing 20 food courts and more than 500 food complexes, including restaurants, fast food and cafes, announces its readiness for any cooperation with your complex in the field of consulting, designing and contracting

Instagram: @fathibrothers

Instagram : @shahinfathi_

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INSTAGRAM:  @ShahinFathi_

Arash & Shahin Fathi architect

گروه معماری آرش و شاهین فتحی


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