World Trade Center Food Court Design

فودکورت مرکز تجارت جهانی فردوسی

Ferdowsi World Trade Center Food Court Design, Food Court Interior Design, Food Court Plan Design

Food court design of Ferdowsi World Trade Center, Tehran_ Southeastern side of Ferdowsi Square.

Food Court Interior Design, Food Court Plan Design, The largest food court in Iran with an area of ​​10,100 square meters

Disneyland, traditional restaurant, wedding hall and conference, 1200 parking lots on 4 floors, first auction hall, conference halls, BMS intelligent management, wireless internet, ten elevator lines, two escalator lines, unique lighting, the first bank center including thirty-seven bank branches.

The purpose of constructing a unique and memorable building of Ferdowsi World Trade Center as the first modern international commercial complex with classic and luxurious architecture, while observing international standards, is to create a new and innovative look at the construction of such centers in Iran on a global scale. .

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