creativity in architectural design

Nine important points to create, creativity in architectural design "Shahin Fathi Architect and Interior Designer"

1. Start with basic sketches and hand etudes, let your hands and mind coordinate and bring your thoughts to the form of diagrams, pictures and lines on paper, think briefly on paper.

2. See each project as a problem and design process as an exercise, try to learn a new topic or discover a new solution in each project, try not to repeat your previous work but to improve them, do not leave time Lost makes your new work an edit of your previous work, but it can be an upgrade of your previous thoughts and do not always forget creativity.

3. Do not use erasers in sketches and initial designs. Let your thought process be less visible in the lower layers of the design, for example, start with a pencil, then Rapid, then Magic F, and even then colored magic and even If the work is busy, use different layers with calc sheets or leather and have layers on top of each other.

4. In your sketches, do not forget the texture, shadow, hatch, dark and light and contrast, in architectural design, you can use symmetry or asymmetric balances creatively.

5. Do not forget that it is not important to just fill the spaces. In most cases, keeping it empty and being light and white, whether in painting or architecture, can help you more. In most cases, you should reduce the crowds and leave the empty space to Better read the project and help to better understand the full space.

6. Be imaginative, close your eyes without thinking about material, form and even function, fantasize and walk in the project space, let your mind use your subconscious to design, your conscious mind space is full of must The do's and don'ts that stop your creativity.

7. When the mental pressure on the brain is high and you are tired, get up and do not think about the project for a few minutes. Sometimes meditation, yoga, sleep or even a cup of coffee calmly after a few minutes brings the main and creative answer to your mind, because When you were not thinking about the project, all the subconscious and creative power of your mind is focused on design and after coffee, rest or meditation, the result of your creativity is delivered to your conscious part. Do not forget the right music because the key to awakening your subconscious and creative mind lies in the music notes.

8. Look at the project from many angles for creativity in design, sometimes put yourself in the place of the employer, sometimes instead of the operator, sometimes be a playful child in the project yard and sometimes a housewife cooking, you can even see the elderly. Who may be present in the project space as a grandparent, think about the site and its details, or any other person that the creative and playful mind of the designer can put himself in his place.

9. Browse your library, browse architectural or art books and magazines, do a Google search, search Pinterest, see good architects on Instagram, you are not going to copy or pattern anything, just try architecture Well, good painting, good photos or even good movies, what you see, the space you walk in and the music you listen to are training your subconscious, when you see good photos when you look at the vase on your desk , Your subconscious grows and helps you during the design.


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