Fast food decoration

Fast food decoration

Fast food decoration

Fathi Architecture Group is the designer and executor of the largest and most professional fast foods in Iran.

دکوراسیون فست فود

Fast food interior design and decoration in the projects of FATHI ARCHITECTS is a completely ergonomic space, And there is an industrial kitchen in the heart of the complex.

The use of vivid colors in the design of decoration and proper space circulation creates an attractive atmosphere.

Fast food interior architecture is formed by Using stimulating colors and beautiful decorative elements.

The gray background color creates a relaxing atmosphere, along with wood and brick textures with a warm feeling, as well as linear patterns and ceiling exposure designs give a different feeling to the overall interior architecture of the restaurant.

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Arash & Shahin Fathi architect

گروه معماری آرش و شاهین فتحی

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